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Samantha Simmons




2023 MA, Universität Der Künst, Berlin, DE

                 Experimental Sound Practices, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

2010 Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), Philadelphia, PA


2022/2023 Musikfonds Award

2021/22 DAAD Performing Arts Award


2023 I HAVE NO TEETH, ROD, Valencia, CA, USA / Performance

2023 The Kitchen, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Berlin, DE / Radio Performance

Collaboration with Matthew Herbert and artist all over Europe.  Live radio performance and improvisation with kitchen sounds. The concert "The Kitchen" is part of the European Broadcasting Union's "Art's Birthday"

2022 Innerre Stimme with Olaf Nicolai, Berlin, DE / Singer and Performer


2022 Recycled Listening, Klanglandschaften Festival, Brandenburg, DE

Music performance with voice based on pre-recorded sounds from nature / Performance

2022 Memory Transmitters Installation, CTM Vorspiel and Transmediale Festival, Silent Green, Berlin, DE

2022 Cowboy Big Space Music, The Church, Berlin DE / Concert


2022 Cowboy Big Space Music, The Pit, Brooklyn, NY/ Concert


2022 Live Electronics, 8MM, Berlin DE / Performance


2022 Cowboy Big Space Music, Arkaoda, Istanbul, Turkey / Concert


2022 Live Electronics, Tavern, Istanbul, Turkey / Performance


2022 Gack, Vocal Trio with Ani Samperi and Kayla Elrod, synth, vocal mic, and percussion, Kiosk, Berlin DE / Concert


2020 Open Hand Real Flames Insect Collaboration, NTS, London, UK

2013-2019 Resident DJ, weekly 3-hour radio program, WFMU, Jersey City, NJ



2021 WFMU, Jersey City, NJ


July and May Dublab Radio Los Angeles, CA    


2020 Lyl Radio Lyon, FR


         HöR Radio, Berlin, DE


2019 September and December 2019 Cashmere Radio Berlin, DE      


Red Light Radio Amsterdam, NL


Kiosk Radio Brussels, BE


         Keith FM Radio, Berlin DE


Noods Radio, Bristol UK


2021 Tolistenistobetouchedindistance,,Trio Collaboration and 10-day performance online with Mariana Carvalho and Mauro Zannoli,

2019 Slow Motion Conversations, Solo, Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, PT

2018 Alba, Duo collaboration with Letecia Sampedro, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

         Kitchen, Trio with Whitney St Ours and Tracy Brooks

Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY                                                   

Low Tide, Coney Island, NY                                             

Coney Island Baby, Manhattan, NY                                     

Hanks Saloon, Brooklyn, NY                                                   

Abasement Max Fish, Brooklyn, NY                                                               

The Footlight, Brooklyn, NY                                                   

Troost, Brooklyn, NY                                                               

Ceremony, Brooklyn, NY   



2021 Rock This Town Festival, Pau, FR


2019 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL


2018 Marina Di Neukölln Festival Berlin, DE


         AT.Tension Festival Lärz, DE


2019     Songs recorded in Cathedrals

Compilation of tracks made by various artists.  All tracks are recorded in a cathedral or church to achieve an echo quality


2018      Glass Sounds

Compilation of tracks made by various artists using glass as an instrument, or inspiration.


2017      Songs Recorded in Strange Places

Compilation of tracks made by various artists in unique places to create sounds.  Examples include King Tuts Tomb, a Cistern, washing machine, a tank, etc


2016       Sunken Noises: Add more Reverb: Songs that sound underwater

Compilation of tracks made by various artists to achieve a submerged, reverb quality



2021 Impossible Project Documentary- Instant Film | Music Supervisor | Egoli Tossel


2020 Don Letts Documentary-Rebel Dread | Music Supervisor | Molasses Manifesto




2020 Marz Mix, Los Angeles, CA


2016 Love in the Afternoon, London, UK




2012 Artist in Residence| Can Serrat Residency | Barcelona, Spain


         Artist in Residence| Cercca Residency | Llorenç del Penedés, Spain




2021          Ore, Brooklyn, NY                                                                    

         Milo’s Yard, Brooklyn, NY                                                      

TV EYE, Brooklyn, NY                                                  

Nicky’s Unisex, Brooklyn, NY                                                   

Wonderville, Brooklyn, NY                                                        

2020          Arkaoda, Berlin, DE                                                                  

                  8 MM, Berlin, DE                                                                      

2019          Loophole, Berlin, DE                                                                

Brutal 45 Berlin, DE                                                                  

Keith, Berlin, DE                                                                       

Motif, Berlin, DE                                                           

Klunkerkranich Berlin, DE                                                                     

Club Desterro, Lisbon, PT                                                        

Brilliant Corners, London, UK                                                   

Arkaoda, Berlin, DE                                                                  

Motif, Berlin, DE                                                                       

Magazine, Brooklyn, NY                                                           

Starliner, Brooklyn, NY                                                             

Flowers for all Occasions, Brooklyn, NY                                                            

WFMU Record Fair, Brooklyn, NY                                                                     

Oak and Iron, Brooklyn, NY                                                                  

Ace Hotel, New York, NY                                                                      

Troost, Brooklyn, NY                                                    

Rebeccas, Brooklyn, NY                                                                       

La Loba Cantina, Brooklyn, NY                                                             

Ceremony, Brooklyn, NY                                                                      




2021 Listening for Youth Workshop, Asphalt Green, New York, NY




2010                 The Art Blog Samantha Simmons Black and Whites, THEARTBLOG.ORG

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