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Samantha Simmons (B. 1986, Maryland, USA) 

I am a sound installation artist and composer coming from New York, and based in Berlin and Los Angeles.  I was a resident DJ on WFMU freeform radio for 7 years working with sound collage, and I currently practice installation and composition. My specific focus is collaborative sound installation and hybrid composition, or music that blends various genres as a way to deconstruct hierarchies.


Coming from a painting and drawing background, I consider listening through a visual lens.  When I work with sound, I have a specific idea of how the soundscape could create an aesthetic. My work pulls from sound memories to create overarching themes inspired by distance, locations, weather, glass, heat, cold, airlines, trains, food, fog, animals, water, and shopping malls.  I am interested in exploring the elemental in sound, and to expand on recurring themes of place, weather, and natural elements that I find in it. 

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