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Cowboy Big Space Music

Performance with a sequencer from studies with an EMS AKI Synthi

While living in Berlin, I often think about the wide, open landscapes in the west of the United States, which I have never been to.  I imagine what those spaces could sound like, and I am influenced through photos, film, paintings, and text. I think about the low drone sound of desert heat, the high pitched sound of American bugs and insects, silent sounds of the night, and the immersive sound of the space as a whole.  I imagine the evening sky and the still sounds of an immersive black night.  I consider how I could illustrate a pitch black evening with sound.  I have been working on long form music with drones to represent a vast landscape.  I have been using an EMS Synthi AKS for the majority of the drone sounds.  I wanted to use this instrument because of the spring reverb, that gives a feeling of deep space. I plan to layer and mix the drone sounds I have recorded and began to compose, as well as include more layers, such as sounds of insects and wind. The performance is in the dark to add to an immersive, internal, and imagined environment.  The second video includes samples of a Periodical cicadas from North America.

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