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Memory Transmitters

CTM Vorspiel Festival 2022

Participatory Sound Installation

A sound installation using FM transmitters from radios and composed sound memories. Five artists from different locations were invited to compose a track based on the sounds of the place where they grew up. This is related to the idea of a radio FM signal casting a sound that affects listening within a physical distance. The composed tracks were then loaded onto FM transmitters. The audience of the installation tried to match their radio to a correctly paired FM transmitter hidden within the space.

The audience is invited to walk around the room with the radios and swap signals. The common factor among the tracks is that they are all made with a set of processual constraints based on cultural memory.  

Each of the artist were asked to complete a track based on the following guidelines: 

• The artist will make a track any length that they choose 

• The majority of the content should be recordings from the past, and part of your cultural memory 

• The content can include commercials, films, pop culture, interviews, field recordings  and instruments 

• The new content may or may not be manipulated so that it is not recognizable


Memory Transmitters uses the theme of aural contact. A memory can be a sound that we gather growing up which is culturally dominated. The question of choice comes in, in this project with what the different artist chose to use as a sample and how we choose in the process of memory. When you listen to a recording, it is a form of excavation. Through memory itself, we are also finding what others are listening to. As humans, we grow up with listening. In sound recordings there are always possibilities of other time. Radio is a medium that allows for sound to travel, and acts as a tool for communication that can transmit a sound to many listeners at once for a unified aural experience, and sound memory experience. This shared experience of listening causes the observer to share sound memories within the radio signals reach, because the signal can only reach a certain distance. Radio, creates sound memories based on location. A sound recording can be a layer of memories. The collaging of memories in this project is about creating a new sound with recorded memories, and then, listening and creating a new memory of sound. Memory Transmitters uses a series of instructions given to five artists to explore their aural histories according to their sound memory.

Special thanks to the other artists who contributed to the tracks and made the work: Mariana Carvalho, Diana Foncesca, Niels Poensgen, and Mauro Zannoli

Track Content Information

Mariana Carvalho- Brazil 

espectro e terra - Mariana Carvalho 

[inner mixing of samples] 


Personal field recordings: 

- Ubatuba's rain, 2020. 

- Crickets at Ubatuba, 2020. 

- Pot-banging protests from the windows in São Paulo, 2020. - Sunday at Avenida Paulista during Derivas da Escuta workshop. - Ilu Obá de Min at protests of 8th March, São Paulo, 2019. - Shower singing "Ponto para preto velho", recorded by Selu Herraiz. 

Field recordings from youtube/free 

- Ultragás song 

- Pamonha announcement 

- The singing of Bem-te-vi bird Songs: 

- Maria Bethania - Sodad, meu bem, sodad (vinheta) - Cartola - Alegria 

- Serena Assumpção - Exu (O sino da igrejinha) 

- Antígona - Comitê Escondido Johann Fatzer 

- Furacão 2000 - tchutchuca 


- Whatsapp Audio from Mariam Dascal 

- Whatsapp Audio from Francisco Jalala 

- Excerpts of the book Água Viva, by Clarice Lispector 

Diana Foncesca- Mexico 

Television advertisements from Carta Blanca's beer that belongs to the 1986 campaign to promote the soccer world cup in México. Four samples of 30 seconds superimposed in 10 layers. 


“I am from a small industrial city in the North  of México, called Torreón. In the state of Coahuila. A desert plain, super hot during day time and cold as hell meanwhile you sleep. My family is obsessed with soccer. My brothers used to watch the games and they also used to go to the stadium to watch the matches. That advertising was always on the back of my head, for about a year, when I was a little child. It makes me feel nostalgia for those days that are gone by now, but it also makes me super angry after I realize how everything goes and keeps happening in my country, smoke curtains to hide all the bad things happening, simultaneously the games ‘celebration’.  I just have flashbacks of the beautiful lady with big boobs and no bra on the advertisement. And all the stupid man drooling in front of the screen.”---   

 -Diana  Foncesca 

Samantha Simmons- USA 

Manipulated garage rock that my mother would play.






Niels Poensgen- Germany 

Well known interview from German talk show about German rap from 2010.


“I'm from Germany and our talk shows are terrible. I don't know if that's in other countries as well but here they are a super important part of society. It's where cultural debates are held. For some reason, this specific one I sampled is ingrained in my mind as an especially bad one. It's old people shouting about gangster rap to two initially street rappers who had long shifted to make excessively cheesy pop music.  Very absurd and everyone loses.”-Niels Poensgen

Mauro Zannoli- Argentina 




- Mile Davis - Track: Fantasy - Album Doo-Bop 

- Portishead - Track: Undenied - Album Portished 

- Charly Garcia - Track: Filosofia Barata y Zapatos de Goma - Album: Filosofia Barata  y Zapatos de Goma 

- Windows 98 opening sound 

- Dial-up internet connection sound 

00:00 / 02:15
espectro e terraMariana Carvalho
00:00 / 10:29
I yes ISamantha Simmons
00:00 / 01:57
Bushidos LamentNiels Poensgen
00:00 / 00:30
nineties hauntingMauro Zannoli
00:00 / 03:56
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