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Recycled Listening

Performance for Klanglandshaften Festival 2022, Brandenburg DE

Improvisation with Haesoo Jung, Genesis Perezneriz, and Vilte Gustyte

The physical space at Hobrechtsfelde has changed several times and gone through

different transformations and identity shifts. Hobrechtsfelde has the feeling of a

recycled space of land. The land and space also has the essence of several

processes of transformation all involving human influence. I am interested in

interpreting this in a performance of the recordings I took at Hobrechtsfelde, as a

recycled way of listening. The listening recycling begins with my recording as the

listening process, the performer's interpretation of the recording, and the choice

of my recording to interpret as the curated listening. I will have several performers

listening to my recordings and interpreting them in the way that they listen by

using the human voice as the medium of interpretation.

This human vocal interpretation of the Hobrechtsfelde space interests me because

of the curated nature in the space and human influence. I am interested in taking

recordings of the space and interpreting the recordings of the highway, wind,

birds, frogs, etc and using the human voice to interpret these sounds as a

performance of the experience of listening to the space.

I would like to not rehearse and practice on our own so that our listening

interpretations do not influence each other before the initial performance. This is

important to me because the piece is more about the listener’s own interpretation

of the recording, and their projected listening experience.

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