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10-day Online Performance Collaboration

I am part of an electroacoustic music group of 3 sound artists coming from the Unites States, Brazil, and Argentina.  We started a performance during the second lockdown in Berlin of recordings that took place on bandcamp, titled To Listen is to Be Touched in Distance (Pascal Quignard, The Hatred of Music). The 3 of us collaborated by building collaborative albums for 10 days. Everyday, for 10 days, we created individual compositions and uploaded them in response to one another. Each composition was a response to a track made by one of us the previous day, according to a schedule and table. We were not allowed to communicate with one another during the 10-day process, only to respond to the tracks with another composition. Each track is a post, which is to be answered the next day by another artist, according to the table.  

With no communication between the artists during the making of the albums, we all took on an alias and the tracks developed interesting behaviors, like eating one another, and also reproducing.

Listen Here


The musical response process is inspired by the postal art of Ray Johnson. Johnson explained that he found mailed correspondence interesting because of the limits it puts on the usual back and forth interaction and negotiation that comprises communication between individuals. This project applies the uncompromising correspondence to sound, as opposed to a physical object. With the artist currently in lockdown and in separate places, the tracks weave epistolary communication through processual albums. 


Here are the rules of the project:

  • We cannot talk about the tracks

  • We have to compose an original piece according to our calendar date (we cannot do it in advance.)  The piece is due at midnight

  • We can add images/cover art during the process

  • We can change the name of the albums during the process

  • We can change the album description during the process

  • Name the tracks: Year/Month/Day-Artist-Title

  • You can choose an alias or whatever name you want to work under including your own name

  • You may have guests fill in for you to make your track

  • You do not have to say if you are using a guest, or you may

  • Tracks can be any length

  • If you cannot make your piece the person going after you will make a piece in response to the previous posted track

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